Raffle Tickets Online Template

Using the Online Designer

If the ‘Customise Design’ button is not visible then unfortunately the browser you are using is not supported or requires updating. 

Our online design system is easy to use while being flexible enough to allow you to create your design the way you want it, here are a few pointers…

You can enter your ticket details either in the entry form to the left hand side or double click an item on the design itself to change text or the items properties, font. font size, colour etc.

Clicking on an item and holding the mouse button down will enable you to drag and move the item to the position you want.

Items can be resized by selecting the item and using the black box in each corner to resize.

You can use the icon to the left of the page to upload your own pictures, photos or logo.

The icon at the top right hand side of the screen will allow you to save your design for later. 

Here is a list of the browsers that we currently support:

  • Edge 16 or higher
  • Firefox 52 or higher
  • Chrome 57 or higher
  • Safari 10.1 or higher
  • Opera 44 or higher
  • iOS Safari 10.3 or higher
  • Android browser 67
  • Opera Mobile 46
  • Chrome for Android 70
  • Firefox for Android 63
  • UC Browser for Android 11.8
  • Samsung Internet 6.2 or higher

We are here to help should you need us… please call or email us.